Domesticated paradise, palm trees and pools
Domesticated paradise, palm trees and pools
Hooper, 16, Sydney. Music blog, leave me a message!

Anyone going Gambino’s Syd show in late July?

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they say i’m too young to love you

you say i’m too dumb to see

they judge me like a picture book

by the colors like they forgot to read

i think we’re like fire and water

i think we’re like the wind and sea

you’re burning up, i’m cooling down

you’re up, i’m down, you’re blind, i see

but I’m free, i’m free

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Anonymous asked: top5 Frank songs?

Idk how to answer this fuckkkkkk ummmm

In no order

1) Lost

2) Sweet Life

3) Songs for Women

4) Super Rich Kids

5) Can’t decide between We All Try, Swim Good or Strawberry Swing fml

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